Corporate strategy

RPC’s board of directors and CEO work together to create the strategic priorities for RPC, NexusLA and the Louisiana Technology Park.  RPC’s CEO works closely with Innovation Catalyst to align strategies and priorities.

Corporate Finance

RPC is a quasi-public, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We manage operational and program funding from state, federal and private sources.  We make investments and donations in alignment with corporate strategy.  We also manage the finances of our subsidiaries and provide finance-related support to our spin-off. 

Corporate Governance

Governance issues for RPC, NexusLA and the Louisiana Technology Park are managed by RPC’s CEO and board of directors.  RPC also appoints a representative to serve on the board of directors for Innovation Catalyst. 

Corporate Resource management

RPC manages all human resource functions such as benefits, employee policies, recruitment, etc. for its subsidiaries and provides support as required for its spin off company.

National fundraising

RPC pursues national sources of funding to fuel economic development initiatives in Louisiana.